Scientific Forex Review

by admin on March 19, 2013

If you want to buy Cristina Ciurea’s Scientific Forex program on this relaunch then you will want to read my review.  The last two times she released the program it sold out in 1 DAY!  Read this and then hurry to grab your copy if there are any left.

I have learned all about the program last time around and will be posting more information about it shortly.

These are the basics that you will need to know before you buy it.

scientific forex manual 200x300 Scientific Forex Review

The Forex product will retail at $499.  It is a physical product so it will be shipped to you (not just  some digital junk).

The system is the exact system she used to win the biggest Forex contest in the world.

Included with the program is the trading manual, 4 DVDs including her software, 24/7 support and help and best of all, lifetime access to her Training Lab.  The training lab there is a members only area, with lifetime access to updates, newest materials, scheduled webinars, more videos and a whole lot more!

The DVDs include:

  • Full no holds bared step by step DVD’s that show exactly how to use the method.
  • Thank You - Grounding Material
  • CCFX Trade Locator
  • Unique Method Of Trading
  • Live Trade Videos
  • In-depth Analysis Of The Unique Method
  • Live Webinars With Q & A

OK, I’m not sure how many people would have the  nerve to keep reinvesting, but look at what the  Scientific Forex would produce with it’s proven  audited results, if you started with $1000 at   161.12%:

Month one – $2,611.20
Month two – $6,818.37
Month three – $17,804.12
Month four – $46,490.11
Month five – $121,394.97

I never pulled that 161.12% out of thin air, that’s  what Cristina Ciurea won the biggest independent  trading competition in the world with, using her Scientific Forex system.

>>>Click Here to Get Access Before It Sales Out Again<<<

I have attached a video from Cristina if you wish to watch.

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Scientific Forex Bonus

by admin on March 19, 2012

Cristina Ciurea has created a top of the line Forex program for you so I have created a top notch Scientific Forex Bonus package. On March 27th Cristina will rerelease her program and you will be able to get some great bonuses with it when you pick it up from one of my links.

Scientific Forex Bonus #1

A “Forex Made Easy” Course ($199).  A MUST-HAVE guide for all Forex traders. This is a down-to-earth blueprint that will help you learn everything you need to know from A to Z, and for experienced traders will help clarify different concepts that might not be clear or are difficult to understand.  I would like to say this guide is priceless because once you have Forex down, you can print your own paycheck.

Scientific Forex Bonus #2

Forex Blaster – Learn how to make $5,000/month with the right trading system.

Scientific Forex Bonus #3

Forex Profit Principles – This is what I believe to be one of the most powerful Forex reports ever published.  If you have been trading for a while or a newbie.  You must have this in you library.


You read that correctly.  If you buy Scientific Forex the Christina Ciurea Forex program, you will be able to choose your bonus PLUS get all the guides!!!

Here is how it works to claim your bonus:

  1.  Buy Scientific Forex Program through my link. >>> Click Here
  2.  Send you receipt to realjohnbarry @ with you paypal address and the subject “Scientific Forex”
  3.  Don’t refund.
GetInstantAccessRed Scientific Forex Bonus

If this sounds good, please like this post and share it with your friends.  The more likes, the better the bonuses can be!

Sign up for my Scientific Forex notification list to the right of this screen so you can keep up with all the latest news and I will also notify you when I have all the details completed of my Scientific Forex bonus.




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Cristina Ciurcea of Scientific Forex

by admin on March 18, 2012

Scientific Forex is a principle integrated with the foreign exchange currency trading based on two scientific systems categorized as Induction and Empiricism. One perfect person to present this great forex science is non-other than the scientific forex trading expert, Cristina Ciurea.

To start with, in 2011, Cristina won the biggest trade competition in the World, The SureFire Trading Challenge. If you didn’t get a good start in this field of business, don’t losecristina ciurea 300x207 Cristina Ciurcea of Scientific Forex hope. Cristina Ciurea was also a complete forex novice before attaining profound specialization in the trading business. Her profession rounds up in Mathematics and Accountancy. In 1990, she fulfilled her first degree at the University “Alexandru loan Cuza” Iasi which is Mathematics. Afterwhich, Accounting was her second degree which she completed in 1994 at the Chamber of Commerce Iasi. However, Cristina Ciurea stops at nothing. She attained further education at the Academy of Economic Studies-Bucharest, earning a Master’s Degree in Audit of Banking and Financial Institutions in 2006.

Her extensive education and credentials does not end there as well. She also had a broad employment history including her job as a licensed Mathematics teacher for four years which she concluded in 1994. It was also in that year when she established and managed her first business institution. With Cristina Ciurea’s caliber many companies hires her as an advisor on issues concerning monetary and the financial system. Her 14 years of experience in management and finance includes abundant years of extremely triumphant Forex trading.

Even with so much success, Cristina continues to increase her knowledge and understanding in the trade and business by observing and scrutinizing financial charts and worldwide monetary news. Here’s the best part, Cristina Ciurea is not the typical “know-it-all” self-centered professional. She shares and trades her expertise through the worldwide market using the worldwide web. Cristina also launched a topnotch forex trading creation, not a downloadable e-book but her own physical product of the Scientific Forex. This product is the mastermind behind her whopping profit of 161.12% in a single month. Without a doubt, she’s all set and ready to help other forex traders attain what she had achieved.

Cristina Ciurea’s system will thump every available Forex secret out in the world and the trading business today. If you’re sick and tired of all the lies and promises given to you by self-proclaimed experts, this product will prove you that the true meaning of the word REAL still exist. Together with Old Tree Publishing, Cristina will have that Scientific Forex training and developing program packed and sent right through your doorsteps. The power will be in your hands and collectively you will be part of Scientific Forex’s worldwide trade and business domination.

Being an effective math teacher, Chief Executive Officer, trade and business specialist and a plausible financial consultant, Cristina found her own way to gain tremendously by using an effective, genuine and comprehendible Forex trading system. Keep in mind that this scientific method came from her comprehensive experiences, extraordinary background and a massive profit which is completely substantiated – not some fake “earnings report” that you regularly see online. Cristina Ciurea has proven her dominant standing in the Forex trading business. She founded it deep and strong, you can be the next Surefire Trading Challenge champion.

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Scientific Forex – 6 Forex Strategies

by admin on March 15, 2012

Top 6 Scientific Forex Strategies that help you trade foreign currency safely and profitably are the main focus of this article. The tips discussed here will give your forex trading career the best chance of success.

1. Take your time to learn:

The reason most people fail to find success with their forex trading career is their greed for quick money. They don’t want to take some time to learn how to trade in foreign2660857310 bb84bbba12 m Scientific Forex   6 Forex Strategies currency because they want to jump in immediately without having any formal training in this highly lucrative niche market.

You need to acquire the know-how and the necessary skills needed to excel with a career in the financial markets. You need to train in this field in order to find meaningful career and financial success.

2. Start with a demo account:

You want to start making money immediately but success comes to people who take time to horn, sharpen and perfect their trading skills.

A demo account allows you to get used to the trading platform software. Most of the leading forex trading platforms offer free demo accounts to new traders. You need to take this opportunity to practice so as to perfect your trading skills before starting your career in foreign currency trading. Practice makes perfect and those who take time to practice will always make huge sums of money in the long run.

3. Specialize in a couple of currency pairs:

Specialization is always a good thing because it ensures the growth of experts in various professional fields. To find sweet success in forex trade you need to specialize in a couple of currency pairs. For example, you may choose the British Pound versus the USA Dollar as your first pair and the Euro vs. the Japanese Yen as your second pair.

Take time to study the two currency pairs so you may understand how they react to each other under different situations and circumstances. It pays to specialize.

4. Be informed in current economic issues

Watching the news regularly is a good habit for any serious forex trader because certain news announcements affect the forex markets. You need to heed the news because certain announcements will either affect your currency pairs positively or negatively and you need to make informed decisions accordingly. Breaking economic news should always be at your finger tips.

5. Starting small is amongst the good forex strategies:

Start small to acquire crucial trading skills on the job without risking your bank account balance. Small trades give you an opportunity to gain trading experience and to minimize loses due to inexperience.

You have plenty of time a head of you so don’t be greedy for a quick buck. Be patient because you need time to devise your own trading strategy. You need to start with small trades until you get your trades right.

6. You need to stay calm:

In forex trade you will always make some loses. Even the millionaire foreign currency traders will tell you that they too make loses. You can’t make money on every forex trade. The important thing is to learn how to stay calm when you are on the losing side.

Knowing when not to place a trade is at least as valuable as knowing when to go short or long on your chosen currency pair can be regarded as sound forex strategies.

I hope you’ve found these forex strategies useful.  These are not from Cristinia Ciurcea’s course so you will want to learn more about the Scientific Forex from my review.

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Scientific Forex Review is coming

March 12, 2012

Cristina Ciurcea has released her Scientific Forex program 2 times and both times they have completely sold out.  Soon on this site you will find my Scientific Forex review to show you what all the hype is all about. I have taken a look at the program before but on this site I will spill [...]

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